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No one specific thing happens; everything is just kind of in a state of constant happening. Sure, there’s the Day you come out to your family, or leave your partner, or confront an abuser, and those are big days. But so are the days where you decide that you need to do those things. And so are the days when you acknowledge the truths of these ideas for the first time. And the days when you hear someone say for the first time, you know, I’ve done that that thing you’re afraid to do, and I’m fine. Life never really feels like discrete moments, it just becomes those when we tell our stories and want to leave out the parts where we stalled or failed or chickened out. Part of why Transparent feels so fully inhabited is that it leaves those moments, those days, that fallow period in.

Margaret Lyons continues to impress with her work at New York Magazine.


jim croce- operator [that’s not the way it feels]

Watched a lot of the show Transparent tonight on Amazon prime. It’s great. I like this song from the pilot episode.

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